Opus Anthem is the recording artist / current solo project of musician and songwriter Seth Barthels. After many years on hiatus, having participated prior as a solo artist and mastering engineer for small indie projects, and also having performed as a guitar and bass player in numerous music groups, he now is re-emerging with fresh musical and sonic motifs performing as Opus Anthem.

The music of Opus Anthem is about exploring life, its experiences, and the journey taken; it’s about transformation and endurance, to a realizing of life, love, faith and hope.

Although Opus Anthem was a project concept of his for many years, it is not until recently that Seth has pushed forward with it, bringing to people those songs which come from his renewed inspiration for writing and exploring music.

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Music Reviews

In review of: “Endurance” by Opus Anthem

Translation from Spanish: “(Opus Anthem) presents us with (their) debut full length album “Unwinding Time”, from which “Endurance” follows, a mainly acoustic track with reverberated electric guitar lines, a melodic bass line to help shape the mood.”

Oleada IndieTransformation and perseverance «Opus Anthem» (September 11, 2022)

In review of: “Fade Into Light” by Opus Anthem

“…(Opus Anthem) is back with typically light and airy, jangly indie-pop, in a manner that somehow purveys a strange, but beguiling sense of muted cinematic, amid its swirling aural landscapes.”

JanglePopHubBeat The Delete #0173

24 Carat Sounds

In review of: “Turning” by Opus Anthem

“The track has solid lyrics, deep and meaningful. And the song even has a music video. I always appreciate when artists go all out like this, well done. All in all, a solid track. If you like alternative rock, I think you will enjoy “Turning”! Thank you for sharing it with us, Opus Anthem!”

24 Carat SoundsOpus Anthem Calling All Alt-rock Fans! (April 27, 2022)

The Forever Now

In review of: “Turning” by Opus Anthem

“Opus Anthem deliver Turning, an indie rock/dream pop track about the loss of identity and love in an industrialized world. My favourite moment is when the song picks up a bit around 2:45. Expect big reverbs and washed out vocals on this spacey track.”

The Forever NowNew Music Roundup (July 21, 2021)

Good Times Journal

In review of: “Turning” by Opus Anthem

“…(Opus Anthem) has produced a track that is in my opinion worth listening to again and again. Retro yet contemporary it reminds me of music I listened to years ago and yet it has a very up-to-date feel about it. The last verse of the song starts ‘In your shelter there is hope and there is peace. Standing there with full attention, your harbouring is safe.’ During these rather strange times, holding on to the truth behind these lyrics is surely the best thing we can do.”

Good TimesSpring 2021 Issue 2 (pg. 119)

In review of: “Surf and Synthesis” by Opus Anthem

“This is a hard sound to describe so, for once I am going to lift the quote directly from the track submission notes which states: ‘This song is an instrumental with surf rock elements to it. The guitar melodies can best be characterized as a vamp of a melodic drone. Meanwhile, the melodic drone of these guitar melodies is juxtaposed by other instruments with their own droning characteristics (I.e. drums with a driving kick, a vamping bass line and several synth pads that swirl and intertwine upon themselves throughout the song). The song is arranged to evoke a reflective mood’
I was just going to say its all jangly and gorgeous but the above is far more erudite!”

JanglePopHubBeat The Delete #0078